classical guitars: options

Standard options without extra charge

scale length

Because every hand is different, one of the most common requests is a different (usually shorter) scale length. My instruments are all unique specimens, therefore every reasonable scale length can be chosen.

neck width/ -depth

Here I can only repeat the statement of the previous point: If you prefer a certain neck profile, I will do my best to reconstruct your model.

string spacing

The string spacing depends largely on the given neckwidth. Nevertheless, there exists a certain tolerance inside which I can gladly realize your ideas.

choice of wood

The choice of the top wood, as well as that of back and sides, is of immense importance in respect to the tonal properties as well as esthetic ones. The top wood and a number of woods for the body (e.g. Bubinga, Padouk, cherry) can be chosen freely without extra charge.

Rosette, binding

Of course, I cannot design an individual rosette for each instrument. I currently use three standard rosettes. I do, however, have a variety of older models in stock. As for the bindings, a number of different options is also available without extra charge.


My standard tuners are either Alessi, Gotoh 510 series or Sloane. Other tuners such as Rodgers are available with extra charge.


I use two different shapes for my bridges, a classical rectangular and a slightly curved one. Double holes for string fastening are also available without extra charge.

zero fret

A detail which went out of fashion some decades ago. In my opinion, it produces a more homogeneous sound. read more…

Lefthand instruments

Every guitar is available in left-hand version with no extra-charge.



Standard options with extra charge


Although frowned upon by many classical players, this is a very common feature for Jazz and Pop musicians. Almost every model is available with cutaway.

more strings

For an additional charge I also build 7-, 8- or 10-string guitars

more frets

A twentieth fret for the high E-string is free. If you need more, it will cost a little more.


Apart from a number of woods which are free of charge, I can also offer a number of exclusive woods (e.g. Brazilian rosewood), for which I have to charge you a little extra.


Besides my standard-tuners (which are very good anyway), you may of course choose ultimate high-end machine heads such as Rodgers or Freewheel

nut, saddle

For a little extra you can have an Ivory fitting instead of bone.


My classical guitars com with an exclusive BAM Hightech case as standard. If you want an even more sophisticated case, you can also have an Accord or Visesnut on surcharge.


Of course you can have your instrument fitted with a pickup of your choice.

pickup options


Special options

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