Steel strings


My steel-string guitars are usually based on Jumbo, Grand Auditorium or OM models. The described instrument represents a smaller Jumbo-style guitar. Other shapes e.g. Dreadnought are of course also possible. Neck dimensions and scale length may be chosen freely without extra charge.


For the top, I offer Alpine spruce, red cedar or Sitka spruce.

back and sides

For the back and sides, Indian rosewood or flamed maple are used as standard. A wide variety of optional timbers such as flamed cherry, Makassar-Ebony or Brazilian-rosewood are also available.


For the neck, I prefer Khaya Mahogany except on maple guitars where I mostly use alder or maple.


The fingerboards are made of African or Ceylon ebony. Fret dimensions can be chosen freely.


The back and sides are sealed with Polyurethane-laquer. The top is finished with a very thin nitro-laquer to improve the tonal qualities. Other coatings are available on request.


The bridges are made of rosewood or ebony.


My standard machine heads are Gotoh 510 series. It is however possible to install almost every other brand such as Schaller or Grover (usually without extra charge).

nut, saddle

nut and saddle are made of bone. Alternatively a set of ivory can be fitted.


The instruments are delivered with a Hiscox-Pro case.

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Following some examples of previous works:

  1. 01. 7-string steel-string guitar, 2021

  2. 02. OO-12-fret-model, spruce-African blackwood, 2020

  3. 03. OM model, spruce-Brazilian rosewood, 2018

  4. 04. OM model, spruce – Indian rosewood body, 2018

  5. 05. Baritone Guitar, 2018

  6. 06. Grand Auditorium, spruce, Brazilian rosewood, 2016

  7. 07. Grand Auditorium, spruce sandwich top, 2015

  8. 08. 12-string guitar, Grand Auditorium, spruce – birds-eye maple

  9. 09. Acoustic Bass, 2014

  10. 10. OM model, spruce / maple, made in 2013

  11. 11. Grand Auditorium, 2013, Cedar – Ziricote

  12. 12. Grand Auditorium model, made in 2011

  13. 13. 0M model, made in 2011

  14. 14. small Jumbo model, made in 2011

  15. 15. Grand Auditorium model, made in 2010

  16. 16. Grand Auditorium model, made in 2007

  17. 17. Grand Auditorium model, made in 2007

  18. 18. small Jumbo model, made in 2007

  19. 19. small Jumbo model, made in 2005

  20. 20. Grand Auditorium Model, made in 2005

  21. 21. small Jumbo model, made in 1996

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