Of course, the following list is by far not complete but describes only the models I personally use most frequently.
All statements regarding sound and suitability represent only my personal opinion and don’t claim to be generally valid!

Pickup: Description: Controls: type: price:
Artec Very economic Korean pickups with a larger variety of different preamps. Cannot quite reach the sound quality of the more expensive brands but is a very good value for the money. depends on preamp undersaddle between 50,- and 200,-EUR
Fishman Natural / Matrix The Fishman-Natural “family” is one of my favorites for steel-string guitars for a long time already. Very clear and transparent sound with just the nessecary bit of warmth. Available with a variety of different preamps, which influences the price largely. none to all you need depending on preamp. undersaddle between 200,- und 400,-EUR
Headway Very mellow sound characteristic, which suits especially classical guitars. Little bit low output. none or Volume-control undersaddle, coaxial approx.250,-EUR
Mc Loud Very similar to Headway, in sound as in construction. none or Volume-control. undersaddle, coaxial approx.230,-EUR
Schertler Bluestick A comparable new system from Switzerland based on a micro Condenser-mic fastened to a plate under the saddle. Due to ist warm sound very suitable for classical guitars. Volume control at the edge of soundhole Undersaddle, Mic-based approx.250,-EUR
Shadow Well, I guess there are better things on this planet…

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