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My standard model is based on a modified Hauser-I plantilla. The relatedness is actually limited to the appearance only. The internal construction as well as the tonal characteristics follow another ideal, with a more fundamental oriented ideal.
Other custom body shapes are available on request. Neck dimensions and scale lengths may be chosen freely without extra charge.


The wood, I use for the tops is either German-Spruce or Western Red Cedar. In addition to the conventional solid tops, I also build guitars with Sandwich construction for a while now. These instruments produce a more massive sound with strong fundamentals.

back and sides

For the back and sides I use Indian rosewood or flamed Maple as standard woods. Brazilian rosewood and other varieties of wood are also available on request.


My favorite neck-wood is Khaya-Mahogany or Alder (on Maple-instruments).


The fingerboards are made of African or Ceylon Ebony.


Usually, all instruments have a fine French-Polish. Alternatively I offer a variety of other coatings, starting with a very light Nitro-polish, over a regular sprayed Nitrocellulose-laquer up to a coating with a 2-component Polyurethane laquer, depending on the individual needs of each player.


The material for the bridge usually matches the back and sides of the Instrument. I offer a rectangular or a lightly curved bridge.


My standard tuners are either Alessi, Gotoh 510 series or Sloane. Other tuners such as Rodgers or Scheller are available with extra charge.

nut, saddle

Nut and saddle are made of bone. Ivory is also available on request.


The instruments are delivered with a BAM hightech case.

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  1. 01. 7-string guitar, 2019, spruce – Indian rosewood

  2. 02. classical guitar, spruce double top with vietnamese rosewood body, 2019

  3. 03. classical guitar, Cedar Sandwich top, Brazilian rosewood body

  4. 04. 8-string guitar, cedar double-top, Honduras rosewood, 2016

  5. 05. Concert instrument, spruce double-top . Brazilian rosewood, 2015

  6. 06. 11-string guitar “Gitarrone”, 2014

  7. 07. Standard model, spruce sandwich top, Indian rosewood back and sides, 2012

  8. 08. 10-string guitar (“Gitarrone”), made in 2012

  9. 09. standard model, 2011

  10. 10. Standard Model, 2011

  11. 11. 8-string Guitar, 2010

  12. 12. Flamenco Guitar, 2010

  13. 13. traditional Model, 2007

  14. 14. traditional model, 2007

  15. 15. traditional Model with Cutaway, 2006

  16. 16. traditional model, 2006

  17. 17. traditional model, 7-string, 2006

  18. 18. traditional model, 2005

  19. 19. small model, 2005

  20. 20. small model, 2005

  21. 21. 10-string guitar, made in 2004

  22. 22. Guitar after D. Rubio, 1965 – made in 2002

  23. 23. 7-string guitar, large model, 2000

  24. 24. Cutaway, large model, 2000

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