10-string Guitar “Gitarrone”, made in 2012

This is probably the most unusual guitar that I’ve ever made. The main purpose was to obtain a maximum tone-range o play a vast variety of repertoire from music for the Baroque lute to transcriptions of piano scores. This was realized by the extreme cutaway giving access to 31 frets, which led to a strongly modified construction regarding the neck to body joint. Other unusual details are the fan fretting with an ascending scale length from 63 to 67cm, the tying of the strings to a separate tailpiece and the adjustable soundhole in the side.

top: Spruce double top
back / sides: Zirikote
neck: Meranti
fingerboard: Ebony
nut / saddle: bone
scale length: 630 – 670mm ascending
tuners: Alessi
finish: top French polish, body and neck PU-laquer